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The First Berliner Art Book 2024©

Exclusive Collection

The First Berliner Art Book Series © is a series of art books that aim to connect artists, galleries and the art world in a direct and efficient way.

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Dear artists, collectors, gallerists and art lovers.

What have we not yet discovered in art and what critical concept has not yet been debated in the artistic circles of contemporary art till today?
The present edition is able to offer the public a new palette of artists from a constellation of valuable art which, through the individuality and personality of each artist, offers to the refined public and connoisseurs of exceptional professional art, a totally new approach to the subjects in contemporary art, new techniques and new aesthetic approaches and expressions.

Each artist present in this edition is the living testimony of their own individuality and uniqueness, thus proving that the macrocosm as well as the microcosm through which we are given to live and experience life, has a unique impact on each artist and inevitably transcends through the personality of each individual in a different way. Therefore, artistic expression as a way of expression and perpetuation of contemporary art always has an inevitable unique content and does nothing but fill our spirits and souls with new horizons worthy of being discovered and explored.
   The certainty of promoting values in contemporary art through this edition motivates us to involve new collaborators who have the same visions of the importance of ethical and aesthetic values in the art world. We’re delighted to present our guest of honour, the Italian emeritus critic of Modern and Contemporary art, Dr. Daniela Fraioli who has accepted her new challenge, to offer The First Berliner Art Book 2024© an exclusive critical note for each artist. A heartfelt “thank you”! We offer our immense “thank you!” to all those who’re involved in the editing of the exclusive volume of The First Berliner Art Book 2024©, for all the love, passion and dedication with which you’ve worked on this present volume.

And last but not least, we thank our exclusive and long-term advertising partner Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz Berlin for the loyal support and for the promotion of the selected artists in the world.

I wish all the artists involved in The First Berliner Art Book series © to enjoy the enthusiastic dynamic of their career as artists and that the fruits of our collaborations will live up to their expectations.

With the highest consideration,

Gabriela Caranfil, PhD Doctor Theatre Art and Theatre Education, art curator Art Management Berlin, actress, painter, art critic.

Curator art project, Gabriela Caranfil, Art Management Berlin

Curator art project, Gabriela Caranfil, Art Management Berlin



We are very proud to introduce to our gallerists, curators, byers and art lovers the volume of The First Berliner Art Book 2024 ©, where are included a very careful selected works of worldwide noteworthy artists of all media of the Fine Arts.

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