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Art Management Berlin

The First Berliner Art Book Series © is a series of art books that aim to connect artists, galleries and the art world in a direct and efficient way.

About Art Management Berlin

About Art Management Berlin

Art Management Berlin is a multinational promotion company and art platform, promoting high profile contemporary artists, based in Berlin and managed with dedication by Dr. Gabriela Caranfil and her loyal team of collaborators.

The AMB company was founded in 2015 and aims to promote contemporary international artists of all mediums of Fine Art through The First Berliner Art Book series. AMB also organize solo and group exhibitions in Berlin based on the artist’s participation in The First Berliner Art Book series, on the artist’s request with the possibility of selling art works directly to collectors and art lovers.

The First Berliner Art Book series is an exclusive museum quality art book series of the Art Management Berlin Productions department. Art Management Berlin Productions department is involved with the concept of the exclusive design of the art books and with the production of exclusive advertising spots of AMB’s editions, as well as ones for artists who have personal and group exhibitions in Berlin.

During the last 9 years of AMB’s collaboration with Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz Berlin, we’ve had the constant support and financing of AMB’s art projects and the sponsorship of our exclusive advertising spaces. The distribution of The First Berliner Art Book editions, as well as the production of exclusive videos and individual promotion areas for the artists included in our art book series are also proof of long lasting and successful achievements.

The worldwide distribution of the edition of The First Berliner Art book series, the Berlin exclusive exhibitions and the Individualised Art Shop have the purpose of a complex management process of the selected artists and it is a substantial help for the artists as there is constant information and update of the dynamics of their artistic career in our worldwide art circles.

The distribution of The First Berliner Art Book in approximately 300 galleries in the world is a unique possibility for each artist to be selected by/to be able to benefit from our company’s support and guarantee of the quality and impeccability of the artists and the art that Art Management Berlin promotes in the world, aligning with the highest ethical and aesthetic standards of contemporary art.

About The First Berliner Art Book Series

The First Berliner Art Book Series

Professional Contemporary artists of all mediums of the Fine Arts and of all backgrounds.

Artists from all over the world present their works of art in a museum quality art book, at the exclusive Art Management Berlin’s choice.

The participation to The First Berliner Art Book series is by Art Management Berlin’s invitation, as also are very welcome the artists that are interested to be included in the art book for there’s eventually acceptance. 

The selection is carefully made by a team of professional jurors to ensure a high quality standards of the art books.

Please to see the section on our website: HOW TO APPLY!

We’re looking forward enthusiastically to discover you as an artist and to include you in our exclusive edition of The First Berliner Art Book 2025 ©!

Dr. Gabriela Caranfil, Kunstkuratorin The First Berliner Art Book © von Art Management Berlin

Dr. GABRIELA CARANFIL, Art Curator - The First Berliner Art Book © by Art Management Berlin

Art Management Berlin, ist ein Verlag, der sich auf Kunstbücher, Berliner Ausstellungen und Kunstpreise konzentriert.Das Unternehmen wurde von der Kuratorin, multidisziplinären Künstlerin und professionellen Schauspielerin Gabriela Caranfil gegründet, die sich der Förderung von Kunst auf der ganzen Welt widmete.Gabriela Caranfil ist die erfolgreiche Leiterin der Berliner Kunstfördergesellschaft „Art Management Berlin“ und Kuratorin von The First Berliner Art Book © series.

Art Management Berlin, is a publishing company which is focused on art books, Berlin exhibitions and art prizes.The company was founded by the curator, multidisciplinary artist and professional actress Gabriela Caranfil, devoted in promoting art all over the world. Gabriela Caranfil is the successful Chief of Berlin visual art promoting company „Art Management Berlin“ and the curator of The First Berliner Art Book © series.

DANIELA FRAIOLI, modern and contemporary art historian, art critic, contemporary art curator, Arpino, Italy.

Dr. DANIELA FRAIOLI, modern and contemporary art historian, art critic, contemporary art curator, Arpino, Italy.

Daniela Fraioli was born from an Italian family in London. She later moved back to Italy where she graduated in Art History at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ in 2001 with a specialisation in Modern and Contemporary Art, in particular in Compared History of Art of European Countries, with
Professor Vincenzo Bilardello. In 2004 she completed a 2nd Level Master in Management for Curators of Contemporary Art and Architecture at the same University. Daniela is also an official English-Italian translator, interpreter and art guide.
While working with museums and art institutions, the first being the Umberto Mastroianni Foundation in her hometown of Arpino, she has also collaborated with artists, art professors, researchers and critics, managing exhibitions, curating art catalogues in both Italian and English, presenting Italian and international artists as well as writing and translating art papers and reviews.
She has taught Art History for many years to international visitors to Italy, in very intimate groups as well as to vaster audiences, explaining the history and beauty of the artwork in galleries, museums, churches and archeological sites of major and minor Italian towns and cities, in particular in and around Rome and Naples. She has also taught Art Gallery Management at the Rome Business School.
Writing and teaching are her favourite means to convey the aesthetics of all types of art expression, in parallel with its history, aware of the psychological and sociological importance of humanity’s search for form and beauty through the ages.

Foto - EUNMAN HUH. (Republic of Korea), Honorary co-curator AMB & The First Berliner Art Book 2019-2020

EUNMAN HUH, Seoul, South Korea, Honorary co-curator The First Berliner Art Book ©

Huh Eunman is a triple awardee in the IPA (International Photography Awards) 2018, one of the premier world photography competitions and is also the winner of ND Awards (Neutral Density Photography Awards). He was selected and introduced as „Korean Emerging Artist“ by The Hong Kong Asia Contemporary Organization and his artwork „Landscape“ is currently exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery in London.He was also selected for London Artrooms Fair Seoul, a world contest exhibition in 2018.With his academic background in Korea University. as a Law Major, he always tries to express his philosophy in his photography beyond mere beauty before eyes. He held 5 solo shows and participated in over 20 group show including New York, Paris, Cannes, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Guangzhou and others.He pioneered the whole new art genre of ‚Gestural Abstract Photography‘ using his camera as a painting brush or a knife, thereby creating abstract style of fine art photography. 

Mario Krapholz_NxtLvl Design by Art Management Berlin

NxtLvl Design by Art Management Berlin, under the leadership of founder Mario Krapholz, warmly welcomes you. 

Mario, born in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, eventually found his professional home and life center in Berlin. With a background as a trained insurance clerk and his experience in sales and marketing, his path may seem unconventional at first glance. However, it is precisely this diversity of experiences and skills that enables him to elevate companies to a new level.

At NxtLvl Design, the professional presentation of companies on the internet is the focus. Mario’s goal is to help companies succeed online, whether through appealing web design, tailored digital solutions, or an effective online marketing strategy. He firmly believes that every company has the potential to be great—and looks forward to helping artists and businesses achieve exactly that.

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