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The First Berliner Art Book 2023©

Exclusive Collection

The First Berliner Art Book Series © is a series of art books that aim to connect artists, galleries and the art world in a direct and efficient way.

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Dear artists, gallerists, collectors and guests.

The spirit of art must be a perpetual generator of light, love, harmony and beauty. Art must be an inspiration to life, to life that exceeds the barriers of materiality and has to be an impetus and a deep stimulus to a continuous, perpetual spiritual growth and the development of creativity in man. Namely, the awareness of the primordial importance of ethical and aesthetic values in art is the creation of the solid foundation of a healthy society and the paradigm of the peak of a high civilization.

Promoting the unique and unparalleled artistic values that are more and more difficult to individualize due to plagiarism in art, being an art curator who is on a continuous mission in the fight against the lack of authenticity and values in art, I assume this fight like a credo against everything that depresses the human spirit, everything that creates disharmony, confusion, imbalance, vulgarity and entrenches immorality in society. Otherwise, I firmly believe in the purity and beauty of the genetic uniqueness of the origins of the human spirit and in the impermeability of the beauty of the human spirit. And only the mean circumstances and the lack of education of values in the people or those lost in unfortunate circumstances, or those that are not yet rooted in man, mostly they tend to lose from the unique and authentic inestimable human values with which the humans are endowed from birth. Only by stubbornly persevering to remain authentic and truly to myself, uninfluenced by the superficiality of the vulgarity of this century, creates for me the undying hope of still living the feeling of wonder before the miracles of the uniqueness of the masterpieces that are still possible in Contemporary art.
This is the purpose of the present international Contemporary art series The First Berliner Art Book, which is an exclusive edition dedicated to all who simply cannot underestimate the highest standards of human values and there’s expression through the art as this is the unique opportunity to be on the world map of valuable art and book series, promoting by this the highest values in the Contemporary.
The artists selected exclusively and promoted worldwide through this volume, are today’s values that leave an incomparable mark in the development of the dynamics of ethics and aesthetics in the art of tomorrow’s generations.
This present selection of exceptional artists who are presented in this art book have already found their place of honor in the world map of Contemporary art by the high quality and the artistic content and the execution. They are simply unmatched for the originality and authenticity of the works of art as this is a basic reason of thus artist’s worldwide promotion.
We thank you deeply everyone who made this book possible to come and to all Art Management Berlin team who is working constantly for the artist’s success.
And not at last an immense Thank You to all the persevering artists of all ranges who’re making our world much more harmonious, beautiful and a better place to live in.

With highest consideration,
Gabriela Caranfil,
PhD Doctor in Theater Art, contemporary art curator Art Management Berlin, actress, painter, art critic.

Curator art project, Gabriela Caranfil, Art Management Berlin

Curator art project, Gabriela Caranfil, Art Management Berlin



LOGO Art management Berlin - Copy

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