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Josée van Schuppen

Art Management Berlin presents - Josée van Schuppen


Josée van Schuppen - painter, featured in The First Berliner Art Book 2018, 2019 ©

Josée  van Schuppen (The Netherlands, 1963) grew up in an artminded environment. She worked as a communication officer when she had a severe horse riding accident on the North Sea shore. It completely turned her life upside down. At the age of forty she had to reinvent herself and the near death experience changed her vision on life totally. As she was not able to do her job properly anymore, because of  brain injury, she decided to explore her creative talents.  Her art teacher, international artist Michiel Dhont, taught her to paint with both hands from movement. The hands are the instruments of the heart so her artworks come straight from the heart naturally. After finishing her classes in expressive art she continued painting with her hands and sometimes with a big brush or palet knife.

She found out that by following her impulses, she could express her emotions in colours and forms and began to ad natural materials like sand, shells and leaves in her paintings. Josée developed her own unique , authentic style: playful, spontaneous and off the beaten track. She embraces imperfection, rough edges and loves contrasts. Guided by her heart she experienced her true passion in life. And with that  a free spirited part of herself that made her complete. In the meantime she worked on personal growth and became a creative coach to inspire others inviting them to not strive for the best result, but to enjoy and see what happens organicly.


She took drawing and fine art lessons and studied Colour science with artist Dick Meeldijk, one of the experts in the Netherlands on this subject. He explained that every colour has its meaning and influence and that that is different for everyone. Being highly sensitive the colours had a big impact on her. An important revelation. Especially magenta (magic and fire) , yellow ochre (earth) and turquoise (water and air) fascinated her. Now she realises she lets the colours do the talking.

Spending may summers in the south of France she used lighter colours and let the mediterranean atmosphere inspire her. Through the years she visited several museums in Nice and Antibes and admired the powerful work of Nicolas de Stael and Yves Klein.

In 2006 she discovered the work of Willem de Kooning and Sam Francis, an American expressive colorist, and saw Karel Appel’s work in an Amsterdam gallery.  She feels very much connected with those three famous artists and loves their free, energetic way of using paint. In the same year she moved to live on the coast to be near the sea and the wide, sandy beaches. The natural elements empty her mind, heal and inspire her up to this moment. The connection with nature is essential in both life and work. After fifteen years of being an artist she was able to see her whole transformation process as a person in her art. She keeps on feeling this strong urge to express her inner world and is always ready for new adventures.

Music became an important companion in her studio. Among others the songs of U2, David Bowie and Sade, but also latin music play a leading role in her work. She literally goes with the flow. Besides colours, her art is all about textures, mixed media, dynamics and experimenting with various techniques and materials.  Because her paintings  picture her internal images she calls them Landscapes of the Soul. Since 2011 Josée works as an art teacher for several institutes and she also is a board member of an artist collective in Hillegom.

“The four elements Water, Fire, Earth and Air keep inspiring me. I often stroll along the North Sea coast to collect materials to use like sand, wood and rope. It emphasizes my strong connection with nature. Through my work I am in a constant transformation and transition process which makes the journey fascinating and insightful. Main themes are Flow and Connection. My work is an invitation to feel and maybe experience the messages that lay hidden inside. I try to be authentic, be myself. I call it the Liberty of letting go.”

By Josée van Schuppen.

Website: www.joseevanschuppen.nl



AMB Statement

Contemporary artist from Holland, Josée van Schuppen is an artist from a geographic area of exceptional color intensity surrounded by the purity of the nature that inspires her creativity to the fullest extent intercalation of these elements with her unique destiny and creative personality. In the most mysterious circumstances and in the way of unique artistic expression, she creates her works using the complexity of the human nature of visual, body and auditory expression as music, dance, pantomime: the expression of theatricality in her coloristic gesture which is a unique chromatic exaltation in the fine art. Thus, its distinctiveness in the expression of the abstract forms of Contemporary art that gives her the unique place of its kind in the world.

By Dr. Gabriela Caranfil, curator AMB & The First Berliner Art Book series ©

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