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Amarnath Viswanath

 „Fascinating Polarity“

The First Berliner Art Book Series © is a series of art books that aim to connect artists, galleries and the art world in a direct and efficient way.

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Amarnath Viswanath is a German resident, born in India. After graduating with B.Sc.degree in Chemistry, Amarnath started his ceramic career working as a trainee in a ceramic insulator company in Germany. In 1968 he completed his studies at the Ceramic College in Germany with a degree in Ceramic Engineering.  The ability to create an unforgettable impression of a natural landscspe by experiemnting with color mix, is a present a painter can give tot he viewers. Although all lanscapes are there, the paintings promote viewers to develop their own imagination and thoughts. Most of Amarnath’s paintings are blue acrylic which is compensated with bright color mixes and the aim is to bring back some unforgettable memories offered to us by nature.


Amarnath Viswanath - "Fascinating Polarity"​

Amarnath Viswanath - "Fascinating Polarity"

The First Berliner Art Book © Series

Amarnath Vismanath – Germany

Group Exhibition:

„Fascinating Polarity“

1-7 June 2018

Vernissage – 1 June, 6pm

Gabriela Caranffil, curator AMB

August 35 Exhibition Space,

Auguststraße 35, 10119, Berlin Mitte

Opening gallery: 

Mon- Fri 11:00 – 17:00

Sat, Sun 11:00 – 16:00

Wendy Yeo & Amarnath Vismanath - Gallery​

Amarnath Vismanath & Wendy Yeo - Gallery

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