• The First Berliner Art Book 2021 ©
  • The First Berliner Art Book 2021 ©



The First Berliner Art Book 2021 ©


Dear artists, collectors, gallerists and beloved art friends.

We are excited and honored to present you with the new edition of The First Berliner Art Book 2021 ©. Art Management Berlin’s new series of contemporary art includes artists of the highest caliber, hailing from the four corners of the world. The present selection has been made, as usual, with great concern, in order to offer you both the works of our previously acclaimed artists and of artists collaborating with Art Management Berlin for the first time. The changing world is reflected in the choice of the current selection. Our collaboration with the Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin has paid off over the years, and we are proud, this year too, to be able to include so many artists, enriching thus Art Management Berlin’s collection. Through the current edition, it was our intention to capture the attention of our international circuit of galleries and collectors interested in the new flows and trends in Contemporary Art. Our society is becoming more introverted than ever and offers us unsuspected reserves of creativity. Self-analysis, personal stimulation and the deep desire of self-fulfillment are among the criteria guiding these artists. In this edition, we purport to stimulate the continuous growth of the selected artists and to put forth their capitalization in the art market worldwide. An immense thank you to all of you who have added your contribution to the development of contemporary art, with your talent and your creativity. 

You are all an immense and a continuous source of inspiration to our world.

With high consideration,

Gabriela Caranfil curator Art Management Berlin 


Ai-Wen Wu Kratz     
Albert Russo            
Barry Cheeseman   
Berik Zhandar           
Bert Hermans          
Boseok Park              
Chan Suk On               
Chieko Horinouchi 
Dominique Meunier
Eston Tan                             FaceBook/ Instagram :  Estontan
Frank Boogaard      
Fred Smilde
Harumi Miyatsuka  
Henrik Brøndsted   
Hermien Buytendijk
Iustina Silvana Ursu
Jocelyne Ménard      
Johan Abeling           
Lika Ramati                
Ossi Lehto                            instagram: lehtoossi
Tadeusz Baranowski
Theo Golb                   
Tjeerd Doosje            


  • The First Berliner Art Book 2021©
  • The First Berliner Art Book 2021©