The First Berliner Art Book© series 



 This new edition of The First Berliner Art Book© it's considered a very special edition that is dedicated to the most meritorious artists that Art Management Berlin has selected for to work on the artists worldwide promotion campaign, by there's possibility also, to be promoted exclusively by Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. 

We've founded very interesting to include in this art book, also, a splendid sellection of South Korean Contemporary artists with the extraordinary participation of Eunman Huh, the Honorary co-curator Art Management Berlin of 2019-2020 publications, that has worked enthusiasthically at the absolutely new Korean art proposals for the European art market.

The continue expanding of Asian art and another cultures and there's certain influences on the Europe art, creating an interesting mix of the cultures of Modern society where the Continents and there's Cultures becomes closer then ever, the Modern technology has a greatest role in the construction of a new artistic world and the traditional real life exhibition brings the reality to the nearest fact of the autenticity of the artworks.

We are very honored to introduce to worldwide gallerists, curators, byers and art lovers the new volume of The First Berliner Art Book 2019 ©, of a brilliantly new and already experienced worldwide artists of all media of the Fine Arts that has so much to say by there's new art proposals.

Create, enjoy and share the Art in all its colors, shapes and expressions, as an absolutely necessary Humanity Spiritual Treasure!



Abalbert J. M. Schieferer

Ai-Wen Wu Kratz

Albert Russo

Amarnath Viswanath

Aliza Thomas

Amy Lee

Ana Perelló

Anneli Särnblad Pederson      Facebook@sarnbladpedersonkonst

Chi-Chang Hsieh

Bert Hermans

Cecilia Jang 

Ela Reitinger

Eunman Huh

Jacek Juriewicz  

Graham Laffling        Facebook: All Washed Up: Flotsam

Henrik Brøndsted

Keita Tamura

Jinny Suh

Kim Kyoungok

Josée van Schuppen

Judith Stone

Kim Seong Yi

Kim Meehyang

Mira Seeman

Margaretha Gubernale

Menno Vos

Park Soobok

Park Jinwha

Patricia Olguin       www.

Sara Vattano

Pyo Jinsu

Serena Jang

Tjeerd Doosje

Vasile Grama

Ryu Young Shin

Vasile Sitari

Wendy Yeo

Woon H Choi

Yeon Gyuhye