The First Berliner Art Book © series 



In the contest of


“The Artistic Forum on Cultural Diplomacy, Building Cultural Bridges through Art, Film and Music”


13th-16th February 2019, Berlin


Launch New Edition


13th February 2019, 16h00


Presentation speech - Gabriela Caranffil, Chief AMB & curator Art Management Berlin

“The First Berliner Art Book© series, "Opened Windows to Explore the Contemporary”


Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin

(conference room)

   Soltauer Straße 18-22  

13509 Berlin

+49 030 23607680

Contact the ICD Organization Comitee: 




AMB cordially invites the artists featured in The First Berliner Art Book © 2019, as also of the previous editions, to the official launch of  The F irst Berliner Art Book© 2019.

Opening of the art exhibition and Gala Event hosted by  the embassy of Myanmar in Berlin.

This is an opportunity to meet and to present to you the new art book, as also the entire AMB's activity and to discuss on the importance of the international promoting Contemporary artists company AMB. 
We will have interesting reflections about the efficiency of the worldwide promoting artists campaign through the AMB exhibitions and art books, in the contest of the opening of the “The Artistic Forum on Cultural Diplomacy, Building Cultural Bridges through Art, Film and Music” that will take place in the conference room in the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.
For organisational matters, please to send until 5th February 2019 an email to with the confirmation of your participation to the launch of The First Berliner Art Book 2019©.  
Emails received after deadline, regretfully will be not taken in consideration.
The participation at the Forum is for the AMB's artists that has been featured in The First Berliner Art Book © series. 
We'll be very happy to meet AMB's honorary artists that are featured in The First Berliner Art Book 2019 © , as also in the previous editions of The First Berliner Art Book© series. 
This is a bright opportunity for all AMB's artists and there's followers to meet at the ICD international Forum and to have a discuss about the importance of the promotion of the artists in the world and there's artistic management in the global prospective. About new opportunities and the aesthetic trend in the Contemporary art. The importance of the visual arts in the society and the prospective and the importance of Art Management Berlin's worldwide promotion campaign through there's Berlin exhibitions and The First Berliner Art Book© series.
In this occasion, all AMB's artists featured in  The First Berliner Art Book 2019 ©, have the possibility to come to Berlin, and to receive The First Berliner Art Book 2019 © on the stage  of the Forum in the Official Ceremony in the presence of the honorary Institute of Cultural Diplomacy guests and the officials of various cultural and politic circles, of the artists , art curators, critics, musicians, poets, writers and philosophers, Berlin emphasis, German and abroad politic figures,  that will be present.
At the conclusion of the official ceremony the artists will have the opportunity to live there's autographs in the exclusively The First Berliner Art Book© 2019 for the Forum quests of Institute for Cultural Diplomacy that Building Cultural Bridges through Art, Film and Music.
It's an extraordinary occasion also to make new, valuable connections with the noteworthy international guests from around the world of the 
 music, ffilm, performance art, digital art, literature, and painting, that will share their perspectives alongside renowned artists and leading ffigures from international politics, diplomacy, academy civil society, and the private sector.
Conference Location Based in Berlin, the event series will be hosted in the ICD House of Arts & Culture, the German Parliament and several hotels in Berlin.Conference Artists, Speakers and Delegates Speakers & Delegates during the conferences will include among others celebrated artists & musicians, film-makers, actors, producers, screenwriters, leading politicians, senior diplomats, senior academics, renowned authors, and journalists.Conference Participants in the conference is open to artists, Film & creative industry representatives, governmental & diplomatic officials, academics, artists, journalists, civil society practitioners, private sector representatives, young professionals and students as well as other interested individuals from across the world.
We're looking forward gladly to meet you in Berlin at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy at the launch of The First Berliner Art Book 2019 ©. 

HEIDI FOSLI - Norway  

Solo Exhibition


04 - 10 December 2018

Vernissage 17:00 - 20:00

August 35 Exhibition Space,

Auguststraße 35, 10119, Berlin Mitte

Opening gallery: 

Mon- Fri 11:00 - 17:00

Sat, Sun 11:00 - 16:00

                                   JOSÉE VAN SCHUPPEN- Netherlands

                                                                                           Solo Exhibition

                                                                            "IMPERFECTION IS PERFECT!"

Exclusively Contemporary artists featured in The First Berliner Art Book© series

Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz advertising

worldwide promotion campaign

04 - 10 December 2018

Vernissage 17:00 - 20:00

August 35 Exhibition Space,

Auguststraße 35, 10119, Berlin Mitte

Opening gallery: 

Mon- Fri 11:00 - 17:00

Sat, Sun 11:00 - 16:00



Einladung zur virtuellen Ausstellungsbesichtigung als 360 Grad - 3D  Tour
 Invitation to a virtual tour of the exhibition as 360 degrees - 3D  Tour



by courtesy of ART@Berlin |


  • Heidi-Fosli-Josee-van-Schuppen-Gallery-360 - Copyright
    Heidi-Fosli-Josee-van-Schuppen-Gallery-360 - Copyright
  • Heidi-Fosli-Josee-van-Schuppen-Gallery-Pic-6 - Copyright
    Heidi-Fosli-Josee-van-Schuppen-Gallery-Pic-6 - Copyright
  • Heidi-Fosli-Josee-van-Schuppen-04-Gallery-Pic-5 - Copyright
    Heidi-Fosli-Josee-van-Schuppen-04-Gallery-Pic-5 - Copyright
  • Heidi-Fosli-Josee-van-Schuppen-041-Gallery-Pic-3 - Copyright
    Heidi-Fosli-Josee-van-Schuppen-041-Gallery-Pic-3 - Copyright
  • Heidi-Fosli-Josee-van-Schuppen-04-Gallery-Pic-8 - Copyright
    Heidi-Fosli-Josee-van-Schuppen-04-Gallery-Pic-8 - Copyright
  • Heidi-Fosli-Josee-van-Schuppen-Gallery-Pic-1 BA - Copyright
    Heidi-Fosli-Josee-van-Schuppen-Gallery-Pic-1 BA - Copyright


 Aimée Joaristi 



1-7 November 2017

Opening 1 November 2017, 6PM


Whiteconcepts Gallery, Auguststrasse 35, 10119, Berlin Mitte


Öffnung   1 November 2017, 6:00pm

Augustrstraße 35 

10119 Berlin-Mitte 

Art Management Berlin &  Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz, presents Contemporary artist Aimée Joaristi 



Winner Berliner Art Prize 2016

Oil painter & Sculptor, Brooklyn, New York, USA 

We are very delighted and honored to announce the upcoming exhibition of Kazuo Ooka’s artwork „Reminiscence“, the First Winner of the Berliner Art Prize 2016.

Opening: Monday, December 12, 2016, 7-10pm

AquabitArt and WHITECONCEPTS Gallery
in association with Art Management Berlin

The First Winner artwork of the Berliner Art Prize 2016

Curator Berliner Art Prize 2016: Gabriela Caranfil

Exhibition: 12 - 17 December 2016
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 2-8pm
Venue: WHITECONCEPTS Gallery, Auguststr. 35, 10119 Berlin 

photography by Andreas Wengel